Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) utilizes compressed air to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The compressed air is absorbed through the skin (and from breathing) and goes directly into the blood. The superficial capillary beds get "supersaturated" with oxygen. This higher O2 level increases the circulation of blood and lymph. The oxygen nourishes cells and cleanses as it circulates.

At The Healing Point we utilize a mild form of hyperbaric therapy. The chamber is inflated to approximately 4 psi (pounds per inch) which is 1.3 ATM (atmospheric pressure). For those familiar with scuba diving, this is the pressure of 11 feet of water. The chamber is filled with highly filtered ambient air so no tanks are necessary. The air is filtered to 0.01 microns. Treatments are one hour long and are generally relaxing. Most people rest well and then feel energized after a session.

Hyperbaic Oxygen is used for..

HBOT is an excellent modality to improve immune function and to support cleansing. Any comprehensive cleansing program includes some form of oxygen therapy.

Metabolic Problems
Weight gain, insulin resistance, diabetes and obesity result from inflammation a crippled metabolism. Oxygen increases cellular respiration, also called aerobic reactions. Cells need oxygen to create clean energy. Without adequate oxygen, the cellular reactions ferment, leading to acidic and toxic residues. These toxins then damage and disrupt the intricate metabolism of cells, leading to weight gain and toxicity.

Nerve Pain
I find good results in treating nerve problems, especially those related to scar tissue. I have also noted improved nerve function for certain types of neuropathy. The nerves themselves are fibrous. I believe the oxygen improves conduction by stimulating the conductive fibers.

Immune Support
Oxygen treatments have been used in Europe for decades to treat immune problems. Because oxygen inhibits bacteria, yeasts, and cells infected with a virus, it helps the immune system destroy and process harmful bugs. I had Lyme disease my recovery was dramatically improved from specific breathing techniques that increased the oxygen in my system. I recommend increased oxygen for people with hepatitis, HIV, herpes, shingles, Lyme disease, parasites, candida, etc.

Clods and flu can respond to oxygen therapy since the boost in oxygen helps cells scavenge and eliminate the bacterial or viral cells that are causing the symptoms.

Wound Healing
At The Healing Point, we do not have the capacity to treat severe wounds including gangrene, diabetic ulcerations and bed sores. Grossmont Hospital has a chamber that is suited to these patients.

Brain and nerve problems
Conditions like MS, Parkinson's, epilepsy, dementia and some types of anxiety involve lesions on the brain. Brain cells are especially sensitive to oxygen depletion. Increasing oxygen to the brain is paramount for these conditions to improve.

Any trauma, whether it is a fall, a car accident, a bruise, a surgery, or overuse injuries, causes damage to tissue. When your body's tissues are compromised, they do not perform their functions well and some other part of your body suffers. One of the most basic ingredients needed to repair tissue is oxygen.

Scar Tissue
Hyperbaric oxygen even helps heal old traumas that have scarred over and become avascular (no blood supply). The oxygen supercharges the capillaries so that they can penetrate the dense, fibrous scar tissue and create vital, innervated tissue. To heal scars we have to get the body to grow blood vessels into the scar so that skin (or muscle) can be sustained. It has been proven by the medical establishment that oxygen rich capillaries are better able to penetrate the dense scar. Once the capillaries grow through the scar, skin cells can grow back.

Many cancer cells have been shown to dislike oxygen so it stands to reason that increasing oxygen levels in the blood would tend to inhibit those cells. At the present time, the FDA does not approve oxygen therapy as a treatment for cancer.

Skin Rashes
Hyperbaric Oxygen also supports healthy skin. Oxygen therapies are useful for skin rashes, including psoriasis and eczema.

Facial Rejuvination
HBOT is used in spas for increasing radiance and for reducing wrinkles. It is an integral part of complete facial rejuvenation packages including: advanced nutritive facials, lymphatic massage, acupuncture with micro-current stimulation, and hyperbarics. For more on these services, click here.

Athletic Performance
World-class triathletes have used hyperbaric oxygen for many years with excellent results. Clinical trails have shown: increased recovery time after workouts, decreases in resting heart rate, better sleep, less muscle soreness, and of course, increased speed and endurance.

Heavy Metals
I recommend the use of oxygen for metal toxicity although I don't know of any studies or evidence that directly relates cleansing heavy metals and oxygen therapy. I find that it plays a role in improving oxygen levels in the brain which could help regulate and repair tissue damaged from metals. There is likely a protective aspect to increasing oxygen that helps safeguard cells from damage due to exposure.